There are many reasons couples choose to host their wedding at home.  Some are on a budget and can’t justify the expense and some want the time and freedom to create a unique and intimate affair without the restrictions imposed by venues.

We are seeing an increase in the number of brides choosing to hold their weddings in their own or their parents yard.  They can be simple or wildly elaborate occasions and it’s stigma of “doing it on the cheap” has faded away due to surge in couples wanting a unique and memorable day for all concerned. 


  • You don’t spend money on a venue – The venue is often the biggest cost associate with a wedding. The average WA couple will spend approximately $12,000 on a venue.
  • Your chosen wedding date is not dictated by venue or location availability – Your backyard is available all year round.
  • It doesn’t have to be your  backyard – It could be your parents, friends, or Uncle Joe’s sheep shed.
  • You can choose your own theme for your backyard – a hired venue may have a look and feel that you can’t adapt to your chosen theme.
  • You can include your pets – Many couples are now choosing to include their beloved furry family in their wedding day plans.
  • As you have access to your backyard all the time there is plenty of time to prepare – Plant your favourite flowers, paint the fence, experiment with your layout.
  • You have more money to splurge elsewhere if you’d like to.
  • You don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time – If you choose to have your ceremony and reception in your backyard, your schedule can be more relaxed.
  • You are not restricted to the venue’s caterer or beverage supplier.
  • You don’t have restrictions as to the number of guests – no minimum and no maximum.


  • Venues have insurance – If your dog bites a guest or cousin Leo ruins your Persian rug, you won’t be covered so you’ll have to take out insurance.
  • Limited parking – if you are in the suburbs parking will most likely be a problem. You could bus guests in from a public location or pay your neighbours to use their yards.
  • Cleaning up after – You’ll be stuck with the refuse and wear and tear on the yard.
  • Impacting on Neighbours – Noise and people traffic may intrude on your neighbours. If you are not planning to invite them, at least let them know about your backyard wedding.
  • You may need to hire equipment like tables, chairs marquee, dance floor
  • You may need to hire toilets and have the space to put them – Depending on guest numbers, the number of bathrooms in your house may not be adequate.
  • It’s a lot more work – Unless you hire an planner , you will have to organise everything yourself.



  • Some couples consider a backyard wedding  relaxed and a uniquely personal affair whereas others consider it lacking in the formalities for such a day.
  • Some brides feel getting hitched under the tree they used to climb adds to the day and others don’t want to mix their childhood memories with their wedding day.
  • Venues have closing times which may be a problem for the party going couples. Your house doesn’t but you’ll have to ensure your guests are informed of when it’s time to be out.
  • A backyard wedding gives you the opportunity to tailor every aspect to your taste but some brides just don’t want the added stress. In this case hiring a wedding planner is still going cost less than hiring a venue.


DYI or Allow Us to Help

Acclaimed Catering have been providing backyard wedding reception catering for many years. Our fully mobile service means that we don’t need access to your kitchen.  All we need is a power supply.   We provide all other cooking and serving equipment. Our talented food service team are also included in the price.

We have great contacts in the equipment hire game and can help you with all that you require. Our experienced Coordinator, Jess is also available to help with styling and any other arrangements.  Get in touch for an obligation free chat.